Product List

Farm-Raised Mussells

Farm Raised Mussels

Prince Edward Island

True PEI Mussels, Canada

Washington State

Mediterranean Mussels, Rope Grown

Fresh Oysters


West Coast

Kumamoto Oyster

Maple Point Oyster

Snow Creek Oyster

Chef Creek Oyster

Deer Creek Oyster

Hunter Point Oyster

Emerald Cove Oyster

Kusshi Oyster

Malaspina Oyster

Otter Cove Oyster


East Coast

Beau Soliel Oyster

Blue Point Oyster

Island Creek Oyster

Hurricane Harbor Oyster

Wellfleet Oyster

Martha's Vineyard Oyster

Tatamagouche Oyster

St. Simone Oyster

Malpeque Small Choice Oyster

West Port Oyster

Fresh Cold Water Shucked Oysters

Fresh Oysters (0.5 Gallon Tub)


Farm-Raised Clams

Quahog, Fresh Farm-raised (N.E.)

Topneck, Fresh Farm-raised (N.E.)

Ipswich Clams (N.E.)

Middleneck, Fresh Farm-raised (FL)

Littleneck, Fresh Farm-raised (FL)

Pasta, Fresh Farm-raised (FL)

Northern Cockies (Australia)




North Atlantic

Dry Pack

U-10 Dry Pack, Fresh

U-8 Dry Pack, Fresh

Taylor Bay Scallops, Live Farm-raised




Rhode Island

5/8 Rings and Tentacles, Fresh

5/8 Rings Only, Fresh

5/8 Tubes and Tentacles, Fresh

5/8 Tubes Only, Fresh


Octopus                                          Cuttlefish "Seppia"

Spain                                              Spain

Octopus Large (4-6 lb) Frozen           Baby Cuttlefish "Seppia"

Octopus Small (5-9 oz) Frozen



Key West

Key West Pinks H/Off U-12


Black Onyx Head-on U-7, Saltwater

Ivory Coast

Cote d'Ivoire Head-on U-4, Saltwater


New Zealand                                         Maine Shrimp

U (2/4) New Zealand Scampi, Frozen        Cold Water Maine Shrimp

U (5/7) New Zealand Scampi, Frozen



Live, Maine Lobster: Culls

Live, Maine Lobster: Chix

Live, Maine Lobster: 1 1/4

Live, Maine Lobster: 1 1/2

Live, Florida Spiny Lobster




Frozen, Carribean Rock Lobster Tails: 8 oz.

Frozen, Carribean Rock Lobster Tails: 10 oz.

Frozen, Carribean Rock Lobster Tails: 11 oz.