All About Legend Seafood

        Legend Seafood, Inc. specializes in supplying live, high - quality farm raised shellfish and seafood to Restaurants , Hotels, and Markets throughout South Florida. Our Company Mission is to provide Customers with the highest quality seafood available in its class.

       With over 25 years of combined seafood experience , we pride ourselves on being one of the premier shellfish suppliers in the region. By single sourcing each of our individual product lines we are able to supply a quality - consistent product with each and every delivery.

       In addition to our strong shellfish product line we source the world over to find exotic specialty items to enhance your seafood selection. Premium , gourmet quality seafood and service, is what you will find with every order placed with Legend Seafood. We invite you to call for testimonials, pricing and availabilty or simply to set up an appointment with our experienced sales team.



         Thank you in Advance for your business ,


         Ron Roelans ( Owner )


 Expect more from Legend Seafood

  • At Legend Seafood, we provide the freshest seafood...period.